Victoria Secret

VS is BS

vs is bs

This brand begs us to believe, and totally relies on us believing, that our power comes from enhancing, accessorizing, fixing, and flaunting our bodies. It relies on us believing beautiful and “sexy” look ONE very specific way — very thin, tall, young, and wrinkle- and cellulite-free — and that we must achieve those ideals by any means necessary in order to be “sexy, bold, and powerful.” If we believe we are empowered (and made desirable, happy, and healthy) by perfecting the looks of our bodies above all else, we are giving our power to an industry that profits immensely at the expense of our self-worth. What you’ll see from VS is not empowerment, but about asking girls and women to give away their power by doing one of two things in order to feel a fake and fleeting form of “power:” 1) fixing it, or 2) flaunting it. Both leave us at the harmful and stifling state of self-objectification* that hinders female progress,  health, and happiness in every possible way.

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When Your Favorite Lingerie Store Fails You

One of the pages I follow on Facebook is Frederick’s of Hollywood — one of the biggest lingerie stores in the country. That’s what social networks are for, right!? I like the Frederick’s brand because they carry ultra sexy underwear while not being as overrated, played-out and overpriced as Victoria’s Secret — at least years ago it was not the case. I also like Frederick’s because their bras fit me perfectly.

Well, last year I had to hide their news feeds because my wall was getting bombarded with boobs, lots and lots of extra-large boobs! Long time passed and I forgot about it. I checked out their page recently and allowed their feeds back on. That’s when I remembered that they didn’t show for a reason. Here’s one example:

So cute, right? But it got me thinking; is this company seriously not able to find ONE model with small breasts? I don’t mind the sexy models in the pictures, thrusting their stuff so high it looks like they’re going to choke any minute. But why is the company targeting large-breasted women only? I can’t find a single ad of small-busted women on their Facebook page.

The girls modeling the lingerie are gorgeous and I’m sure a lot of big-chested women can relate, but I don’t think Frederick’s care about marketing to the small-breasted ones anymore, and small is why I liked them in the first place! It makes me sad/angry. It angers me that these companies keep pushing that belief that “the bigger the boobs the sexier” a woman looks. Some of the models aren’t even a C-cup but there’s obviously some Photoshopping and push-up bras wear going on to make them look bigger. Disappointing.

I still love their fun stuff — when I visit the store everything’s perfect and the bra sizes work for me, so I must add that I’m also confused by this social media campaign of theirs. It’s uncool what they’re doing publicly, leaving consumers like me out of the picture.

I should just take my bun to the Gap store  ^. At least they’re one-faced, and realistic!