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How to Fake Bigger Boobs

A YouTube newsletter delivered the latest videos from my subscriptions to my inbox and one of the videos got my immediate attention. It read: “5 Ways to Fake Big Boobs!

faking boobs

My first thought, I don’t even remember subscribing to any channel of that sort. Last night I was already bothered about having to deal with something similar over the weekend, so the last thing I wanted to see was another person telling women to essentially “fake it ’til they make it.”

But I clicked anyway. I would at least react to the “garbage” I was expecting to watch and have a story to blog about.  To my delight, it was not what I was thinking at all. It was better. Watch:

“It only takes a couple of bees to get a pair of double D’s.” ha ha!

It’s silly and it’s full of sarcasm and wittiness, and that’s why it’s perfect. Society needs to stop pushing girls and women to the extremes. Everyone needs to just stop trying to make large breasts the standard, because they are not.

So much background drama just to show you a video, right? 😀

I just love anything that reminds women to keep their feet on the ground, to love and appreciate their bodies — and if told through comedy, even better. And I remember now why I subscribed to that channel. The rest of her stuff is pretty funny, too, check it out!


Living Small In Large America


It only took me two years, but I’ve finally decided on a title for my story: Flat-Chested Señorita: Living Small in Large America

I’m still working on the cover and editing, but should be ready very soon. It’s my story, but one that I hope encourages young girls and grown women to be and love themselves, love their bodies — and a message to men to stop being jerks and appreciate all women. I can’t wait for everyone to read it! Be sure to check back for publishing date.

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A man’s wish, a girl’s heartache

Despite her apparent slender figure and flat torso, Carla Adas always scored any guy she wanted. She had a way with guys — they thought she was fun. Back when she was a single girl, she had a consistent fan base, she now talks about. She was secure of herself and loved the attention. But after realizing how much she liked this guy, Carla dedicated all of her time and energy to him. Later she learned how to love him. She loved him very much, the same way she believed in the love he had for her.

That changed one day when, after several years in the relationship, while trying to organize her digital files, Carla came across a dozen explicit conversation threads her boyfriend was having with girls he had picked online. Sometimes while Carla was in the house. Her world crumbled. She could have probably forgiven him if they were just pictures of girls. But they weren’t. She discovered that large breasts was a fascination to him and she recalls reading all of the messages line by line. The sweet-sexy-affectionate names he called those other girls, he had never even used them with Carla.

She had dealt with all the flat-chested jokes in the book and the media trying to push big-busted women in the world’s face, reason that led her to consider breast implants one time. But, no, not Carla. She got through it. She grew to become a stronger person and accepted that implants are not a necessity. Coming from her boyfriend, the I’m-mesmerized-about-your-huge-tits comments to those unknown girls took her by surprise and broke her heart, especially when he had told her hers were perfect the way they were. To her, he secretly wished Carla’s boobs were bigger.

This is the story of a girl whose heart was broken by yet another human male who’s incapable of keeping his loyalty and accepting a girl for who she is. Big breasts will sag one day, men, and you’ll be running away from them, rather than towards them. Didn’t you know?

Marcia Capellan