I Support the ‘Ban Bossy’ Movement

When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” –Ban Bossy

They started this campaign and, what do you know, all sexists around the globe unite their trolling force and label these powerful women in the video, for instance, as “cunts” and whatever other colorful names you can think of — reminding us EXACTLY why we need these movements. It’s not about banning a word; it’s about banning labels that keep girls from climbing to the top and become LEADERS! I’m behind it.


The Exploitation of the Female Body Continues

Woo hoo! Another music video that highlights women’s “best contribution” to society: BOOBS! And the offender this time: Justin Timberlake. Aww but I like him…oh well.

The R&B artist Robin Thicke made similar headlines a few weeks back when his video Blurred Lines was banned from YouTube—although Thicke’s video really is a disgrace in comparison with JT’s Tunnel Vision. Makes you wonder if they’re doing it for publicity.

I guess I didn’t expect it from JT. I kind of agree that his video, while only the woman gets naked, seems a little more “artistic” than Thicke’s. However, the question still remains: why is it always only the women that get naked?

The Hip-hop culture is famous for its misogynistic exploitation of women. (Not sure if Justin fits under the same Hip-hop category though.) I can’t even watch a Hip-hop/Rap video with eyes fully open. The times I’ve watched such videos, I’ve watched them like I’d watch any scary movie; hiding my face behind my hands in embarrassment, while peeking through my fingers, bracing myself for the revulsion.

If guys were around, I’d usually die of embarrassment because I felt as if I was the girl in the music video being incredibly exposed and ridiculed and unable to do anything about it. Of course the models in the videos could’ve chosen not to, but everyone’s got to make a living I guess (especially since the taboo that sex is sells so well). Besides, not all women, especially young women, are in touch with the reality of women’s treatment in society.

Before anyone even thinks about it, it’s not about the nudity. It’s not about a few pairs of breasts being displayed. I was reading this super awesome article, It’s 2013, and Women Are Still Their Breasts, and I couldn’t help but Facepalm the whole time at the incredibly moronic comments — people are totally missing the point here and I can’t believe it! Not even after the writer points out what she thinks the problem is.

Nudity is not the problem for a lot of us, but rather the fact that women are being used as decoration, for the delight of men (because, trust me, they don’t have lesbians and straight women in mind when they come up with the idea) and obviously for the delight of the artist himself. Thicke and JT had a choice. This is not art; this is exploitation, and it’s time to quit it. As the writer of the article points out:

Both these singers [Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke] have gorgeous wives who are in the industry. If there’s nothing wrong with the way women are depicted in these videos, why aren’t they included here? Is it because it’s a cheap, crass, undignified way to depict women and they would never insult their spouses by showing them in this light?

So why are they so willing to insult the rest of us?

Better yet, why aren’t Thicke and JT naked? Now, that would be awesome. If, as his video says, Robin Thicke “has a big D–>”, then some of us we’d love to see it. Come on, Thicke, don’t just tell us — show us! I’m sure you’d have no problem with that artistic demonstration.

That’s the problem, that the male protagonists in the videos are normally fully clothed, parading their macho selves around the naked women. Does anyone wonder why? And it’s not only music videos. A while back GQ Magazine Ran Out of Clothes for Its Woman of the Year. Do me a huge favor and Google-search images of “GQ Magazine Covers” over the year (my favorite one is Ryan Gosling 2011, BTW). Do you notice a pattern? Ahh, that’s because there is! Men wear a suit and tie, covered from head to toe, perfectly groomed, looking hot as hell and totally in control. And women, what do women wear? Barely anything! Posing in suggestive ways, too. It is disgusting and that’s what the whole point is! Either get everyone naked or don’t at all.

We’re not here for your entertainment, men. The entertainment industry is to blame for real-life men’s ridiculous gender expectations— and misinterpretation— of women. Seeing these “dolls” on TV and magazines doing everything but using their brains will naturally prompt the young generation to misinterpret a woman’s role in society. It goes on and on… I’m tired of men trying to define “sexy” and “ladylike” and everything a woman should be and do.

For the record, as a straight woman, I wouldn’t mind watching videos and movies of hot naked men. But videos of hot naked men, let alone videos of hot naked men surrounded by fully clothed women, are so scarce… (I wonder why). To see more than just their face and their naked torso, I’d probably have to search deep on European websites or order a video of some sort of pornographic shit that some of us aren’t into. If anyone has a list of such music videos, pass them on.

More and more women, and even men, are using social networks fiercely to highlight the inequality, sexism and objectification of women that still exists today and I think it’s working great. I personally don’t mind nudity or sex scenes in music videos at all; I just wish it was balanced.

Highly Offensive Hallmark Greeting Card

I just saw this post about the picture of a Hallmark (UK) greeting card that’s been circulating on the Twittersphere and I just had to share it. I’ve seen some interesting greeting cards out there, but may I say…this one takes the cake. I would’ve never expected to see this kind of shit aimed at 13-year-olds at Hallmark.

small boobs hallmark card

It reads:

“You’re 13 today! If you had a rich boyfriend he’d give you diamonds and rubies

Well, maybe next year you will—when you’ve bigger boobies!”

For a 13 year-old! Is that f****d up or what?!

Thankfully we have Twitter today which allows us to quickly focus our attention on problematic issues. Apparently, the outcry was felt on Hallmark’s end and it forced them to publicly apologize, claiming that the card was manufactured 15 years ago by some Arnold Barton before they owned the company.  

We can only apologise on behalf of Arnold Barton and promise to do our utmost in tracking down any copies remaining in circulation.

How was this not screened though? It sends a really strong and HORRIBLE message to little girls all over the world! I wouldn’t want my niece getting a card like this for her birthday—or reading anything with such a message for that matter!

Some businesses are out to make money no matter what. (Companies like Macy’s, not removing bigot Donald Trump from their campaign.) But I’m glad Hallmark “will track down” the remaining of these cards and remove them from their shelves. As for the dude who made the card, no idea who he is but he should be ashamed of himself for contributing to all the sexism women face today.