Explosive Boobs and Other Things

Sometimes we’re so vain that we cross the line trying to alter our bodies, completely forgetting about the potential risks. Like this poor woman, Kylie Hudson; she seems to have deep insecurity issues, so she had breast implants.

The implants would help her self-esteem. However, they exploded in her body within months. Now she’s left with fewer options than she had before, when she was FINE without a big bust.

boobs explodedShe said:

Now I am living a nightmare. For anybody having a boob job just to get big boobs, I would say think very seriously about the risks. I am devastated.

The complete story here.

This a reminder to women that — especially to the new generation of young girls terrified that they may be called flat-chested — plastic surgery isn’t always the best self-esteem booster. Security comes from within.

Certain things just don’t belong inside your body, ladies.

As long as you have a functioning brain… 😉

have a brain



Playing Sports with Big Boobs


Large breasts are associated with back and neck pain, skin rashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative spine disorders, painful bra strap indentations and even anxiety and low self-esteem.

An ESPN writer recently posted.

See, flat-chested gals, I keep saying it; bigger is not necessarily better. Be happy that you can at least do any sports without having to worry about boobs and the problems associated with them! One man’s misery is another man’s fortune, I know.

It’s unfortunate for the women who struggle because their boobs get in the way. I just think that, unless it is causing her health problems, a woman shouldn’t worry about what people would say if their breasts bounced up and down while in action. There’s a bra for that, anyway (to keep things in place). Kudos to Serena Williams for giving not a single darn about her big boobs — she sure knows how to keep her haters hating! Do your thing, ladies.

McGhee, a senior lecturer at Breast Research Australia, says some girls quit sports when they get boobs: ‘They’re embarrassed. They don’t want to talk about it. And so they stop.’ But that is not the fault of boobs. It is the fault of terrible people on the Internet.

I couldn’t agree more.



Don’t Let Boobs Ruin Your Sports Dreams

ESPN  You Can Only Hope to Contain Them


It Would Surprise You, But I Do Have to Wear a Bra

That would be my answer to anyone who asks if I really had to wear a bra. I stumbled upon this Huffingtonpost article, ‘Flat-Chested’ And More Things Not To Say To Small-Busted Women, which took me back to “Flat-chested bitch” is not an insult. I don’t care how many times I have to link back to that message as long as it is read by all the right people. Really trying to empower my fellow small-busted here!

Now, the fact that being called flat-chested is not an insult doesn’t mean that some women do get offended by it. Even I must confess; there’s something on that Huff Post article that I think would bother me personally, and that is the question “Have you ever considered implants?”

Some of my close friends joke about these things mentioned on that article all the time and it’s so funny that even I bring up the subject sometimes just so that I can hear them crack some “flat-chest jokes.” I don’t mind it because they’re my friends and it’s fun, and I know they can only be kidding (they better be).  But if an acquaintance ever asked me that question I think it’d make me sad. Sad because it’d mean that some people would rather see a woman go through extreme and dangerous measures to acquire a more “desirable” bust than to accept the fact that she’s just small, which is also desirable, and most importantly that she’s happy.

men leotardYou know, men are lucky that they don’t have their junk up on their chest, not exposed to the world (not even when wearing leotards) every day the way women sort of have to expose their breasts. Otherwise, this argument would be dead in this man’s world. My next statement would be that more men should wear leotards.

I’m glad to say that I don’t consider the rest of “offenses” from that list offensive at all. I guess it depends on the kind of environment where a girl is raised. I’d say I was raised in a healthy supportive environment, but it just wasn’t the case. In fact, my family and friends couldn’t care less about breasts! It was never a controversy; who was bigger, who was smaller…none of that. Growing up, no one around me ever gave boob dimensions that much importance — as it should be.

Sure I had my self-esteem problems somewhere in the middle, when I started to immerse myself in pop culture, but I don’t remember getting offended in a major way when people like my cousin said things like, “If my boobs were the same size as yours, I’d never wear a bra.” I took it as a compliment.

Anyway, if you have a small bust, take a look at the article and let me know what offends—or used to offend—you (if at all!).