Flat chested girl problems

Big Breasted? You’re Blessed – Says This Ad

“Looking for girls who have been blessed in the chest…”

I came across this ad on Craigslist — likely posted by just another big-breasts-worshiping man — and the wording of it caught my eye because, apparently, girls, if you’re large in the chest you’re blessed. Anything below a C-cup, we’re damned.

Damn, and I thought it was a blessing to even have boobs at all.  Good to know…



When Your Favorite Lingerie Store Fails You

One of the pages I follow on Facebook is Frederick’s of Hollywood — one of the biggest lingerie stores in the country. That’s what social networks are for, right!? I like the Frederick’s brand because they carry ultra sexy underwear while not being as overrated, played-out and overpriced as Victoria’s Secret — at least years ago it was not the case. I also like Frederick’s because their bras fit me perfectly.

Well, last year I had to hide their news feeds because my wall was getting bombarded with boobs, lots and lots of extra-large boobs! Long time passed and I forgot about it. I checked out their page recently and allowed their feeds back on. That’s when I remembered that they didn’t show for a reason. Here’s one example:

So cute, right? But it got me thinking; is this company seriously not able to find ONE model with small breasts? I don’t mind the sexy models in the pictures, thrusting their stuff so high it looks like they’re going to choke any minute. But why is the company targeting large-breasted women only? I can’t find a single ad of small-busted women on their Facebook page.

The girls modeling the lingerie are gorgeous and I’m sure a lot of big-chested women can relate, but I don’t think Frederick’s care about marketing to the small-breasted ones anymore, and small is why I liked them in the first place! It makes me sad/angry. It angers me that these companies keep pushing that belief that “the bigger the boobs the sexier” a woman looks. Some of the models aren’t even a C-cup but there’s obviously some Photoshopping and push-up bras wear going on to make them look bigger. Disappointing.

I still love their fun stuff — when I visit the store everything’s perfect and the bra sizes work for me, so I must add that I’m also confused by this social media campaign of theirs. It’s uncool what they’re doing publicly, leaving consumers like me out of the picture.

I should just take my bun to the Gap store  ^. At least they’re one-faced, and realistic!


In Search of the Perfect Bra

A Twitter feed read: “Flat-chested girls don’t know the struggle of buying clothes.” I immediately thought, honey, we may have different sizes, but the struggle is the same! At least when it comes to finding the “perfect” bra it is. In fact, I’ve had a much harder time finding a good fitting bra than my big-breasted friends have. We have too few choices in America.

The perfect bra

Can you believe that the best-fitting bras I own have all been purchased abroad? Yeah, because stores in the US… they don’t cater to small-breasted women. I used to like going in Victoria’s Secret (though overpriced to be honest) because of all the pretty colors and the silk and what not. But I stopped when I realized I was fooling myself. Their bras felt good to the touch, but for my body type, and the actual purpose of it, the fitting was awful.

32’s were too small. 34’s were too big. I’ve had better luck at Gap, H&M, and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Just the other day I read that JOCKEY International, the well-known clothing manufacturer, is “revolutionizing” bra sizes. Well, GOOD! I don’t know how better, if any, this will be for us flat-chested girls, but it was about time someone did something about it. It is not a brand I’m crazy about—I don’t think I’ve ever even bought anything from them—but a lot of women do, and maybe more apparel manufacturers will follow suit.

The perfect bra should cup the breasts perfectly and comfortably. I like them with wires only because…hm, I actually don’t know why. Not too tight, not too loose. The cups shouldn’t hike over and touch your chin when you raise your hands or twist your body. (I have that problem often, like the time my mom asked why my boobs were so high up. Dammit. That’s just my bra, mom!) Also, the straps should stay in place when adjusted.

I swear, slipping straps are the WORST when you’re moving around. They now sell different things like “strap holders” to take care of the problem, but that may only be a temporary solution for some. Almost all of my bras have the straps that cross on the back. Or they’re strapless. I refuse to let a strap ruin my day when I’m running errands, for instance. All the unnecessary garments come off when I’m home anyway, but when the time calls to wear a bra I want mine to be super comfortable.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t say that flat-chested girls struggle less than big-chested women when it comes to searching for the perfect bra. We have the same problem; only in different sizes.