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How to Fake Bigger Boobs

A YouTube newsletter delivered the latest videos from my subscriptions to my inbox and one of the videos got my immediate attention. It read: “5 Ways to Fake Big Boobs!

faking boobs

My first thought, I don’t even remember subscribing to any channel of that sort. Last night I was already bothered about having to deal with something similar over the weekend, so the last thing I wanted to see was another person telling women to essentially “fake it ’til they make it.”

But I clicked anyway. I would at least react to the “garbage” I was expecting to watch and have a story to blog about.  To my delight, it was not what I was thinking at all. It was better. Watch:

“It only takes a couple of bees to get a pair of double D’s.” ha ha!

It’s silly and it’s full of sarcasm and wittiness, and that’s why it’s perfect. Society needs to stop pushing girls and women to the extremes. Everyone needs to just stop trying to make large breasts the standard, because they are not.

So much background drama just to show you a video, right? 😀

I just love anything that reminds women to keep their feet on the ground, to love and appreciate their bodies — and if told through comedy, even better. And I remember now why I subscribed to that channel. The rest of her stuff is pretty funny, too, check it out!


Playing Sports with Big Boobs


Large breasts are associated with back and neck pain, skin rashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative spine disorders, painful bra strap indentations and even anxiety and low self-esteem.

An ESPN writer recently posted.

See, flat-chested gals, I keep saying it; bigger is not necessarily better. Be happy that you can at least do any sports without having to worry about boobs and the problems associated with them! One man’s misery is another man’s fortune, I know.

It’s unfortunate for the women who struggle because their boobs get in the way. I just think that, unless it is causing her health problems, a woman shouldn’t worry about what people would say if their breasts bounced up and down while in action. There’s a bra for that, anyway (to keep things in place). Kudos to Serena Williams for giving not a single darn about her big boobs — she sure knows how to keep her haters hating! Do your thing, ladies.

McGhee, a senior lecturer at Breast Research Australia, says some girls quit sports when they get boobs: ‘They’re embarrassed. They don’t want to talk about it. And so they stop.’ But that is not the fault of boobs. It is the fault of terrible people on the Internet.

I couldn’t agree more.



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