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Success Should Not Depend on Breasts

dancer talents

There’s a place for everything, and my guess is that if men wanted to see breasts, they would — it’s where they should — then go to a strip club. Even Burlesque shows can give them a better view. (I’ve got you covered, dudes.) But regular nightclubs are for dancing!

I went to yet another audition the other day — and this is for simple club dancing, nothing major, where the main things that should really be “popping” are personality, energy, and rhythm. As I struggled to make my top look full (I guess), one of the women I used to work with, and who was part of the panel judging our “abilities,” walked in the dressing room; noticed my struggle and bluntly said, “Girl, you gotta make ’em pop if you want the job!”

No, I wasn’t shocked. She told me something I already knew, but had hoped to get away with. What I don’t understand is why women are objectifying other women. As far as I’m concerned, this business is run by women. Unless I’ve only seen the surface of it and they’re actually just marionettes. It’s in every field, apparently. Ballerinas can’t have large breasts; club dancers’ can’t have small breasts…it never ends. It’s so ridiculous and exhausting.

As much as I love this art, I would never alter my body just to fit in this artificial bullshit mainstream has created. Dancers simply want to dance and it’s a shame that they have to be put in that position, where their success depends on whether they’re small or large. Skills are not enough, it seems. We have to change that. I don’t believe a dancer’s talent, grace, passion, hard work, and ability to entertain should be overlooked because of the size of her cup. Shame on the industry for keeping this up.


Guest Post: Breasts I

This is beautiful.


Eva Schach, an art history and visual arts major at Barnard College, shares and talks about a piece from her recent art collection. 

A couple months ago, Playboy issued a college spread, featuring a very, very peripheral acquaintance of mine from high school. Knowing this individual in real life, I was struck by the plasticity and manipulation of her body in the photographs. Though most (heteronormative) porn depicts extremely manicured female bodies, I found this article most off-putting because I had some idea of what she looked like in real life.

So, I began a series in which I painted ‘real’ bodies, inspired by the bodies my close friends. I chose to crop the bodies and isolate particular areas of interest, areas most commonly highlighted by the porn industry. By removing heads, I remove the body’s identifier and to some extent the woman’s personhood, creating both a universal body and…

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When I’m Not Blogging…

I’m probably the worst blogger ever, posting on here only intermittently. I have so much to write about, but can’t manage my time correctly. I will be better this year, I have to! But I’m always around the corner; telling stories in pictures, talking to strangers in 140 characters… That’s what I do (online) when I’m not blogging. Connect with me if you’d like. The more the merrier!

P.S.: don’t judge my drawing ability on this blog! 😛 (You can always do that here instead – > Story of a Terrible Drawer)

Big Breasted? You’re Blessed – Says This Ad

“Looking for girls who have been blessed in the chest…”

I came across this ad on Craigslist — likely posted by just another big-breasts-worshiping man — and the wording of it caught my eye because, apparently, girls, if you’re large in the chest you’re blessed. Anything below a C-cup, we’re damned.

Damn, and I thought it was a blessing to even have boobs at all.  Good to know…


Best Women’s Rights Video Ever

I had to share. I can’t stop laughing, but I’m laughing with the women who wanted to see Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video trashed AND some women’s rights advocacy in a major way at the same time. This is a sweet combination of both. I wrote a piece about it along with Justin Timberlake’s video Tunnel Vision: The Exploitation of the Female Body Continues.

But  yeah, it’s a role-reversing political parody by Full Frontal Freedom based on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, inspired by the women of the Texas legislature, and it’s pretty clever. Check it out!

Stand with these women fighting for our rights!

The Exploitation of the Female Body Continues

Woo hoo! Another music video that highlights women’s “best contribution” to society: BOOBS! And the offender this time: Justin Timberlake. Aww but I like him…oh well.

The R&B artist Robin Thicke made similar headlines a few weeks back when his video Blurred Lines was banned from YouTube—although Thicke’s video really is a disgrace in comparison with JT’s Tunnel Vision. Makes you wonder if they’re doing it for publicity.

I guess I didn’t expect it from JT. I kind of agree that his video, while only the woman gets naked, seems a little more “artistic” than Thicke’s. However, the question still remains: why is it always only the women that get naked?

The Hip-hop culture is famous for its misogynistic exploitation of women. (Not sure if Justin fits under the same Hip-hop category though.) I can’t even watch a Hip-hop/Rap video with eyes fully open. The times I’ve watched such videos, I’ve watched them like I’d watch any scary movie; hiding my face behind my hands in embarrassment, while peeking through my fingers, bracing myself for the revulsion.

If guys were around, I’d usually die of embarrassment because I felt as if I was the girl in the music video being incredibly exposed and ridiculed and unable to do anything about it. Of course the models in the videos could’ve chosen not to, but everyone’s got to make a living I guess (especially since the taboo that sex is sells so well). Besides, not all women, especially young women, are in touch with the reality of women’s treatment in society.

Before anyone even thinks about it, it’s not about the nudity. It’s not about a few pairs of breasts being displayed. I was reading this super awesome article, It’s 2013, and Women Are Still Their Breasts, and I couldn’t help but Facepalm the whole time at the incredibly moronic comments — people are totally missing the point here and I can’t believe it! Not even after the writer points out what she thinks the problem is.

Nudity is not the problem for a lot of us, but rather the fact that women are being used as decoration, for the delight of men (because, trust me, they don’t have lesbians and straight women in mind when they come up with the idea) and obviously for the delight of the artist himself. Thicke and JT had a choice. This is not art; this is exploitation, and it’s time to quit it. As the writer of the article points out:

Both these singers [Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke] have gorgeous wives who are in the industry. If there’s nothing wrong with the way women are depicted in these videos, why aren’t they included here? Is it because it’s a cheap, crass, undignified way to depict women and they would never insult their spouses by showing them in this light?

So why are they so willing to insult the rest of us?

Better yet, why aren’t Thicke and JT naked? Now, that would be awesome. If, as his video says, Robin Thicke “has a big D–>”, then some of us we’d love to see it. Come on, Thicke, don’t just tell us — show us! I’m sure you’d have no problem with that artistic demonstration.

That’s the problem, that the male protagonists in the videos are normally fully clothed, parading their macho selves around the naked women. Does anyone wonder why? And it’s not only music videos. A while back GQ Magazine Ran Out of Clothes for Its Woman of the Year. Do me a huge favor and Google-search images of “GQ Magazine Covers” over the year (my favorite one is Ryan Gosling 2011, BTW). Do you notice a pattern? Ahh, that’s because there is! Men wear a suit and tie, covered from head to toe, perfectly groomed, looking hot as hell and totally in control. And women, what do women wear? Barely anything! Posing in suggestive ways, too. It is disgusting and that’s what the whole point is! Either get everyone naked or don’t at all.

We’re not here for your entertainment, men. The entertainment industry is to blame for real-life men’s ridiculous gender expectations— and misinterpretation— of women. Seeing these “dolls” on TV and magazines doing everything but using their brains will naturally prompt the young generation to misinterpret a woman’s role in society. It goes on and on… I’m tired of men trying to define “sexy” and “ladylike” and everything a woman should be and do.

For the record, as a straight woman, I wouldn’t mind watching videos and movies of hot naked men. But videos of hot naked men, let alone videos of hot naked men surrounded by fully clothed women, are so scarce… (I wonder why). To see more than just their face and their naked torso, I’d probably have to search deep on European websites or order a video of some sort of pornographic shit that some of us aren’t into. If anyone has a list of such music videos, pass them on.

More and more women, and even men, are using social networks fiercely to highlight the inequality, sexism and objectification of women that still exists today and I think it’s working great. I personally don’t mind nudity or sex scenes in music videos at all; I just wish it was balanced.

Dior drops model because of breast size

Now this is funny…and maybe ironic, but mostly f*cked up. Model Jourdan Dunn has apparently been canceled by Dior because of the size of her boobs being maybe two sizes too big.

She expressed her love for fashion on Twitter:

She took it lightly, better than a lot of us would have. But she’s been discriminated against for worst stuff, too:

The blunt prejudice that exists in the modeling industry is nothing new, which is why a lot of people have responded with, “well, that’s the modeling industry for you.” Uh, no — it doesn’t have to be. It is that way because we’ve allowed it, because models continue to allow it. Dior does have a history of racism and typecasting. They need to change that and adjust to the real world.

Modeling companies may sometimes ditch a model if she doesn’t have the specific “look” they’re looking for at the moment, and that can be understood. But in instances like this, when you tell a girl that she can’t represent a fashion house because of the size of her cup, then it’s not cool at all. It’s kind of ironic because in Hollywood it is the complete opposite. We small-busted women are flattered to learn that our size is appreciated by the fashion industry. But honestly, I couldn’t care less about a world where they drive girls to starvation and turn them into human hangers. I wish the size of any woman’s chest didn’t get in the way of her career all the time.

So, this is the kind of design Dunn would’ve modeled:

Dior model

Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014
(click for FB page)

Dunn was dropped because of her (bigger) cup size, though not sure why her model page reportedly says she’s a 32-A. If that’s really her size, then she might own the best wonder bra ever (I doubt she’s 32-A). Check out this snap from her Twitter pics.

Joudan Dunn

(They really need to feed the models, by the way.) Also, do they have a different measurement method in France? The boobs on the girl walking the runway at the Paris Fashion week do not look smaller or equal to 32-A at all. That’d make some of us a non-existing number!

Good for this model for at least speaking out.

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Stereotypical Depiction of Latinas

Sofia vergaraThis is sorta unrelated, but I thought I’d post it anyway. The thing is that we are either the housekeeper, the well-behaved religious housewife, or the overly sexual bombshell with the extreme Spanish accent and the voluptuous body. Where do I (and the millions of young average-looking college students and professional Latinos) fit in?

Worst representation ever.

Those categories don’t represent us all Latinas at all. Like at all. OK, Sofía Vergara’s character in Modern Family, for instance. How can people see her as THE representation for Latinas? She’s a stay-home incredibly good-looking trophy wife! And her accent…it is so thick I’m starting to think she’s putting it on. I’m not saying there aren’t people who speak with a thick accent, but they always do this. They always make it sound like all Latinas have trouble with the language. I’m sure a lot of Latinas wouldn’t mind being thought of as Sofía Vergara, but that’s not the point.

I went out with this guy one time who understood not a word in Spanish, but insisted I said a few words because it sounded “sexy.” Ha! (I guess I could understand what he meant because I find Italian molto irresistible!) It’s just that I’m almost positive he got that from watching movies or something because he didn’t strike me as a man who was in touch with other cultures. This is the kind of picture that the media creates.

Latinas come in all shapes and colors. Many are born in the US, and therefore don’t have an accent. Or they’re mixed and light-skinned, but people can’t tell because they expect to see dark. The ones we see in movies are always brunettes and have olive or dark skin. Hollywood has programmed people’s minds so well that many believe it is the standard.

English: Christina Aguilera performing during ...Christina Aguilera, Ryan Lochte, Franklin Muñiz, Bella Thorne, and Alexis Bledel, to name a few, are all white-as-hell-looking Latinos. But, because they don’t have the fabricated “conventional look” nor do they have an accent, you won’t see them playing the role of maids or lawn mowers.

I have yet to watch a show or movie where Latinas hold decent, high-paying professional positions in society, just like A LOT OF US DO in real life, and they don’t have to put on an accent to emphasize that they are Latina. It’s pathetic.

Do some travel, people. Engage more with diverse groups and read books so you can grow your mind. Hollywood movies and TV shows can obviously be a really bad source of education.

Exotic see-through apparel: offensive to Americans

Help me out here; are you offended by this image? In what way? If your minor children saw it, would you be terrified?

Sears model wears see-through garment

God forbid we show the world that we have nipples!

This has nothing to do with flat-chested girls (obviously), but as a woman with so much to say, I reacted. I have absolutely no shame of my body and not a care of what the world thinks about me, so this doesn’t offend me. What I find offensive and just odd is when women modeling lingerie on catalogs are missing their nipples. It just makes me feel, like, well this is not fair for the average woman. We can’t afford to have it surgically removed…we kinda want the things to stay. We know something is supposed to be at the top of that boob, but the magazine makes it look so good without that something that we just can’t wait to buy that item so that we can look like those models. Nipple-less aliens!

If anything, this whole airbrushing thing is misleading.  And misleading the public is not outrageous to the American Family Association? The One Million Moms organization (who by the way is way below the million-mark) also needs to focus on other more-important issues that should be of real concern to parents, like bullying. (Just like PETA, I’m starting to question what their goal really is.)

I don’t see how the Sears image is explicit at all.

I have a huge problem with pornography because of how degrading it is to women. However, this doesn’t offend me. This subject will not go away until men stop seeing women as objects; until women in the porn industry decide for themselves that they don’t want to do it anymore; until the human body is no longer regarded as a taboo…the list goes on. Changing the rules will require more effort than we can imagine from everyone. Every culture is different, but Americans seem to be among the most closed-minded. (Almost comical in the land of the free!) We need to break free from that mentality.

When I was living in Spain, they aired topless women on TV for desexualized commercials all the time. At first I was shocked, but then I got used to it. Most Spanish women also take off their bikini top at the beach, whereas in the United States it may be punishable. I worked as a teaching assistant there and was taken aback a little when I first heard the teachers’ blunt ways of teaching sexual education and how the children so openly welcomed it. I believe that not too long ago there was a huge debate in the U.S. about whether kids should be taught sex education in school or not. Well, it looks like the subject is still a controversy.  And then you wonder why the rate for teen pregnancy is so high in America…

In Spain, I used to walk by newspaper stands with porn magazines hanging freely on the shelves.  Aren’t children walking around these things? How is this legal? I thought. The only ones freaked out by the magazines were us, the Americans. (I still don’t approve of porn—that’s my personal problem with that.) But, observing Spaniards’ behavior, I realized that they’ve gotten it right. The more parents hide the truth from their kids, the more kids will want to know about it. Humans want what they can’t have. They’ll have it anyway. Decriminalize it.

It doesn’t hurt adding some good values to the mix. If we teach children sexual education from an early age and teach them what really matters in life, by the time they’re young adults, certain sorts of things won’t really bother them.

The Sears see-through lingerie issue brings back memories of something similar I recently saw.  Someone showed me an image of Alicia Keys on a hip hop gossip website I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. The photos were meant to show how glamorous the singer looked at the MTV VMA’s, I guess. But then they pointed out a single image of Keys zoomed in on her breasts, captioned as “Look who made an appearance.” Grown men seriously making a big deal out of her nipples poking through her dress? Her outfit wasn’t see-through, but you could see she wasn’t wearing a bra (or airbrushing). Had she cared she would’ve probably worn something underneath. But I have a feeling Alicia Keys had more important things to do, like worry about her music performance.

No human life is endangered by looking at a picture of a model showing a little skin on a catalog of a forgotten store’s even-more-forgotten lingerie department. The funniest thing is that—and these are totally unrelated to each other—the same people who oppose a harmless nipple-display are sometimes the same people who don’t mind their children playing violent video games or having access to a rifle. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of these may actually lead to the killing of people—a nipple doesn’t.

I don’t know if I’m getting my point across here. I could go on and on, but I’ll end it after this line: this whole please-hide-your-human-body thing is full of senselessness and double-standards.

Feel free to share your thoughts, please!