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Success Should Not Depend on Breasts

dancer talents

There’s a place for everything, and my guess is that if men wanted to see breasts, they would — it’s where they should — then go to a strip club. Even Burlesque shows can give them a better view. (I’ve got you covered, dudes.) But regular nightclubs are for dancing!

I went to yet another audition the other day — and this is for simple club dancing, nothing major, where the main things that should really be “popping” are personality, energy, and rhythm. As I struggled to make my top look full (I guess), one of the women I used to work with, and who was part of the panel judging our “abilities,” walked in the dressing room; noticed my struggle and bluntly said, “Girl, you gotta make ’em pop if you want the job!”

No, I wasn’t shocked. She told me something I already knew, but had hoped to get away with. What I don’t understand is why women are objectifying other women. As far as I’m concerned, this business is run by women. Unless I’ve only seen the surface of it and they’re actually just marionettes. It’s in every field, apparently. Ballerinas can’t have large breasts; club dancers’ can’t have small breasts…it never ends. It’s so ridiculous and exhausting.

As much as I love this art, I would never alter my body just to fit in this artificial bullshit mainstream has created. Dancers simply want to dance and it’s a shame that they have to be put in that position, where their success depends on whether they’re small or large. Skills are not enough, it seems. We have to change that. I don’t believe a dancer’s talent, grace, passion, hard work, and ability to entertain should be overlooked because of the size of her cup. Shame on the industry for keeping this up.


Body Evolution: A Video All Women Should Watch

This is an old video, but a message that never gets old. Watch how the model is “turned into a bombshell glamor model with the help of hair and makeup artists and of course, Photoshop.”

Airbrushing is playing with our standard of beauty and ruining the self-esteem of our young generation. It is important for women to understand that this “beauty” is not real. Images of models and celebrities we see on magazines are thoroughly tweaked. Don’t buy into the madness!

Natural beauty rules in the end.

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Living Small In Large America


It only took me two years, but I’ve finally decided on a title for my story: Flat-Chested Señorita: Living Small in Large America

I’m still working on the cover and editing, but should be ready very soon. It’s my story, but one that I hope encourages young girls and grown women to be and love themselves, love their bodies — and a message to men to stop being jerks and appreciate all women. I can’t wait for everyone to read it! Be sure to check back for publishing date.

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Girls Expected to Have Doll Tits

book excerpt

So funny and true! In her book Bossy Pants, Tina Fey writes a list of physical features that girls are expected to have nowadays. The name of this chapter is All Girls Must Be Everything, and she talks about how acceptance of the size of certain body parts have changed since she was a little girl:

“But I think that the first real change in women’s body image came when JLo turned it butt-style. That was the first time that having a large-scale situation in the back was part of mainstream American beauty.”

Ha ha. I thought Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” sorta helped the situation, but I’m not really sure.

Fey doesn’t elaborate on who we should thank for the “desirable” doll breasts (though I think Barbie started it), but she’s definitely right about how Pop Culture has twisted things for women — in a major way.

“How do we survive this?” she writes. “How do we teach our daughters and our gay sons that they are good enough the way they are? Instead of trying to fit an impossible ideal, I took a personal inventory of all my healthy body parts for which I am grateful… I would not trade any of these features for anybody else’s.”

I wouldn’t trade mine for anybody else’s either.

“You Need a Boob Job”

“What do you think of this top?” I said. I was trying on some clothes yesterday and was asking the little person next to me for feedback.

“You need a boob job,” she said.

My instant reaction would normally be something like this:

But before I could even laugh, I realized this was coming from my 11-year-old niece, so I went:

“Uh, you know, boobs?” she said, as if I needed any further clarification.

How does one even handle a situation like that?! I’m not a mom (and not ready for it either!); I don’t think I know the proper language to deal with pre-teens. I had no clue how to tell my niece, in a cool way, that what she said was f*cked up. ha ha. But most importantly, I wanted to know why/where/how the hell she knew about implants.

You know it is bad when little girls think big breasts — at any cost — are the standard.

I had to think quick though and teach my niece a little something about boob sizes and beauty. I think that, as adults, we have certain (unofficial) responsibilities. Even if we’re not the parents, we should spread the knowledge and try to put an end to the prejudices and the “ideal” image of things and people that society wants to implant in our heads. Laughing and not saying anything about it would’ve just reaffirmed my niece’s statement. So I said to her that I do not need a “boob job” because I was perfectly comfortable in my body. I told her that boobs come in different sizes and we should be happy and work with what we have.

She didn’t buy it (she’s a stubborn one, a know-it-all wannabe), but I think she’ll think about my honest advice (I hope) one day when her little friends and the Internet tells her otherwise.

What would you say to kids this young thinking about breast implants, either for themselves or for others?

Realizing the (Un)Importance of Big Boobs in Our Society

bikini top

When you finally realize that no boobs in the world—big or small— will get you the guy you have a major crush on,

That big fake implants won’t necessarily get you that dream job (unless the job requires it),

That big boobs won’t get you out of a speeding ticket—because they won’t.

When you realize that happiness doesn’t depend on the dimension of your chest,

That the size of your boobs makes no difference in the bedroom,

That, presence, confidence (and perhaps a fit body)—not breasts—will have all guys turn when you enter a room,

That hugging the people you love as close as possible will mean you’ll actually be able to hug the people you love as close as possible,

That you won’t have to worry about developing indentations on your shoulders or having back pain from carrying “heavy weights” in your front,

That you don’t have to worry about the inevitable eventual sagginess,

When you realize that breasts-cancer survivors may not even have a pair anymore,

You’ll realize just how lucky you are to even have boobs.

And you’ll learn to appreciate your tiny ones and love yourself for all its natural beauty.

Rock on, girl!

Society still has a lot to realize.

Playing Sports with Big Boobs


Large breasts are associated with back and neck pain, skin rashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative spine disorders, painful bra strap indentations and even anxiety and low self-esteem.

An ESPN writer recently posted.

See, flat-chested gals, I keep saying it; bigger is not necessarily better. Be happy that you can at least do any sports without having to worry about boobs and the problems associated with them! One man’s misery is another man’s fortune, I know.

It’s unfortunate for the women who struggle because their boobs get in the way. I just think that, unless it is causing her health problems, a woman shouldn’t worry about what people would say if their breasts bounced up and down while in action. There’s a bra for that, anyway (to keep things in place). Kudos to Serena Williams for giving not a single darn about her big boobs — she sure knows how to keep her haters hating! Do your thing, ladies.

McGhee, a senior lecturer at Breast Research Australia, says some girls quit sports when they get boobs: ‘They’re embarrassed. They don’t want to talk about it. And so they stop.’ But that is not the fault of boobs. It is the fault of terrible people on the Internet.

I couldn’t agree more.



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Dior drops model because of breast size

Now this is funny…and maybe ironic, but mostly f*cked up. Model Jourdan Dunn has apparently been canceled by Dior because of the size of her boobs being maybe two sizes too big.

She expressed her love for fashion on Twitter:

She took it lightly, better than a lot of us would have. But she’s been discriminated against for worst stuff, too:

The blunt prejudice that exists in the modeling industry is nothing new, which is why a lot of people have responded with, “well, that’s the modeling industry for you.” Uh, no — it doesn’t have to be. It is that way because we’ve allowed it, because models continue to allow it. Dior does have a history of racism and typecasting. They need to change that and adjust to the real world.

Modeling companies may sometimes ditch a model if she doesn’t have the specific “look” they’re looking for at the moment, and that can be understood. But in instances like this, when you tell a girl that she can’t represent a fashion house because of the size of her cup, then it’s not cool at all. It’s kind of ironic because in Hollywood it is the complete opposite. We small-busted women are flattered to learn that our size is appreciated by the fashion industry. But honestly, I couldn’t care less about a world where they drive girls to starvation and turn them into human hangers. I wish the size of any woman’s chest didn’t get in the way of her career all the time.

So, this is the kind of design Dunn would’ve modeled:

Dior model

Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014
(click for FB page)

Dunn was dropped because of her (bigger) cup size, though not sure why her model page reportedly says she’s a 32-A. If that’s really her size, then she might own the best wonder bra ever (I doubt she’s 32-A). Check out this snap from her Twitter pics.

Joudan Dunn

(They really need to feed the models, by the way.) Also, do they have a different measurement method in France? The boobs on the girl walking the runway at the Paris Fashion week do not look smaller or equal to 32-A at all. That’d make some of us a non-existing number!

Good for this model for at least speaking out.

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In Search of the Perfect Bra

A Twitter feed read: “Flat-chested girls don’t know the struggle of buying clothes.” I immediately thought, honey, we may have different sizes, but the struggle is the same! At least when it comes to finding the “perfect” bra it is. In fact, I’ve had a much harder time finding a good fitting bra than my big-breasted friends have. We have too few choices in America.

The perfect bra

Can you believe that the best-fitting bras I own have all been purchased abroad? Yeah, because stores in the US… they don’t cater to small-breasted women. I used to like going in Victoria’s Secret (though overpriced to be honest) because of all the pretty colors and the silk and what not. But I stopped when I realized I was fooling myself. Their bras felt good to the touch, but for my body type, and the actual purpose of it, the fitting was awful.

32’s were too small. 34’s were too big. I’ve had better luck at Gap, H&M, and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Just the other day I read that JOCKEY International, the well-known clothing manufacturer, is “revolutionizing” bra sizes. Well, GOOD! I don’t know how better, if any, this will be for us flat-chested girls, but it was about time someone did something about it. It is not a brand I’m crazy about—I don’t think I’ve ever even bought anything from them—but a lot of women do, and maybe more apparel manufacturers will follow suit.

The perfect bra should cup the breasts perfectly and comfortably. I like them with wires only because…hm, I actually don’t know why. Not too tight, not too loose. The cups shouldn’t hike over and touch your chin when you raise your hands or twist your body. (I have that problem often, like the time my mom asked why my boobs were so high up. Dammit. That’s just my bra, mom!) Also, the straps should stay in place when adjusted.

I swear, slipping straps are the WORST when you’re moving around. They now sell different things like “strap holders” to take care of the problem, but that may only be a temporary solution for some. Almost all of my bras have the straps that cross on the back. Or they’re strapless. I refuse to let a strap ruin my day when I’m running errands, for instance. All the unnecessary garments come off when I’m home anyway, but when the time calls to wear a bra I want mine to be super comfortable.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t say that flat-chested girls struggle less than big-chested women when it comes to searching for the perfect bra. We have the same problem; only in different sizes.

Exotic see-through apparel: offensive to Americans

Help me out here; are you offended by this image? In what way? If your minor children saw it, would you be terrified?

Sears model wears see-through garment

God forbid we show the world that we have nipples!

This has nothing to do with flat-chested girls (obviously), but as a woman with so much to say, I reacted. I have absolutely no shame of my body and not a care of what the world thinks about me, so this doesn’t offend me. What I find offensive and just odd is when women modeling lingerie on catalogs are missing their nipples. It just makes me feel, like, well this is not fair for the average woman. We can’t afford to have it surgically removed…we kinda want the things to stay. We know something is supposed to be at the top of that boob, but the magazine makes it look so good without that something that we just can’t wait to buy that item so that we can look like those models. Nipple-less aliens!

If anything, this whole airbrushing thing is misleading.  And misleading the public is not outrageous to the American Family Association? The One Million Moms organization (who by the way is way below the million-mark) also needs to focus on other more-important issues that should be of real concern to parents, like bullying. (Just like PETA, I’m starting to question what their goal really is.)

I don’t see how the Sears image is explicit at all.

I have a huge problem with pornography because of how degrading it is to women. However, this doesn’t offend me. This subject will not go away until men stop seeing women as objects; until women in the porn industry decide for themselves that they don’t want to do it anymore; until the human body is no longer regarded as a taboo…the list goes on. Changing the rules will require more effort than we can imagine from everyone. Every culture is different, but Americans seem to be among the most closed-minded. (Almost comical in the land of the free!) We need to break free from that mentality.

When I was living in Spain, they aired topless women on TV for desexualized commercials all the time. At first I was shocked, but then I got used to it. Most Spanish women also take off their bikini top at the beach, whereas in the United States it may be punishable. I worked as a teaching assistant there and was taken aback a little when I first heard the teachers’ blunt ways of teaching sexual education and how the children so openly welcomed it. I believe that not too long ago there was a huge debate in the U.S. about whether kids should be taught sex education in school or not. Well, it looks like the subject is still a controversy.  And then you wonder why the rate for teen pregnancy is so high in America…

In Spain, I used to walk by newspaper stands with porn magazines hanging freely on the shelves.  Aren’t children walking around these things? How is this legal? I thought. The only ones freaked out by the magazines were us, the Americans. (I still don’t approve of porn—that’s my personal problem with that.) But, observing Spaniards’ behavior, I realized that they’ve gotten it right. The more parents hide the truth from their kids, the more kids will want to know about it. Humans want what they can’t have. They’ll have it anyway. Decriminalize it.

It doesn’t hurt adding some good values to the mix. If we teach children sexual education from an early age and teach them what really matters in life, by the time they’re young adults, certain sorts of things won’t really bother them.

The Sears see-through lingerie issue brings back memories of something similar I recently saw.  Someone showed me an image of Alicia Keys on a hip hop gossip website I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. The photos were meant to show how glamorous the singer looked at the MTV VMA’s, I guess. But then they pointed out a single image of Keys zoomed in on her breasts, captioned as “Look who made an appearance.” Grown men seriously making a big deal out of her nipples poking through her dress? Her outfit wasn’t see-through, but you could see she wasn’t wearing a bra (or airbrushing). Had she cared she would’ve probably worn something underneath. But I have a feeling Alicia Keys had more important things to do, like worry about her music performance.

No human life is endangered by looking at a picture of a model showing a little skin on a catalog of a forgotten store’s even-more-forgotten lingerie department. The funniest thing is that—and these are totally unrelated to each other—the same people who oppose a harmless nipple-display are sometimes the same people who don’t mind their children playing violent video games or having access to a rifle. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of these may actually lead to the killing of people—a nipple doesn’t.

I don’t know if I’m getting my point across here. I could go on and on, but I’ll end it after this line: this whole please-hide-your-human-body thing is full of senselessness and double-standards.

Feel free to share your thoughts, please!