When twelve-year-old girls are tweeting about their breasts not being “large” enough, you know we have a problem. Girls: your breasts are just starting to grow! Even if you don’t grow a big cup by the age of twenty, you are okay. I promise.

I was thinking one day how brutal society can be towards women with small breasts. It has contributed to this major body image issue we have among young girls in America. We have more media making women feel insecure about their bodies and pushing them to the limits than we have positive empowering ones. Our society tries hard at making us believe our relatively microscopic mammary glands are abnormal, and it is up to us to believe it. We must ignore all that pressure, all that garbage talk.

This blog was created with small girls in mind. It is an addition to the healthy chain of women empowerment media that already exists.

I’m a small-chested gal myself and I, too, have struggled with insecurities in my life. I know how it feels, and I know how to overcome it. There are a lot of things you realize as you grow older — such as, boobs don’t define you! Self-esteem is key to a happier life and a stronger self, so I’m going to go ahead and spread some of that all around here. 😉

W E L C O M E ! to everyone who supports the empowerment of women. Feel free to join the conversation.

You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.
― Amy Bloom



  1. I totally agree with you. I am small chested and have been my whole life and I love it. I find it a blessing to be because yes people do look at my face and eyes when they talk to me and my breasts don’t ever get in the way. I love having them. After having a baby their much bigger and it bothers me alot. I feel self concious with them, like its unnatural or something or their on display. It’s so uncomfortable. I love having small breasts makes me feel really good about myself despite all the hatred I’ve gotten about it my whole life.

  2. Thank you so much….I’m pretty flat myself and I’ve never had a problem getting any male attention. I’m happy that I’m small and skinny and can possibly wear anything I want. And though now I’m totally fine with the way I am, it would have been great if I would’ve come across this site a long time ago. Anyway, you’re doing a great job and I hope one day people stop looking at small boobs like its a deficiency…..hey two words- Audrey Hepburn…..:)!!!

    1. Right?! And I, too, didn’t know where to turn a long time ago to kinda be reminded that we’re perfectly fine the way we are. But more and more women are blogging about it, more girls are accepting their body (we’ve made a little bit of improvement), so that’s great for all of us! 🙂
      I’m glad you like it, thank you!


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