Success Should Not Depend on Breasts

dancer talents

There’s a place for everything, and my guess is that if men wanted to see breasts, they would — it’s where they should — then go to a strip club. Even Burlesque shows can give them a better view. (I’ve got you covered, dudes.) But regular nightclubs are for dancing!

I went to yet another audition the other day — and this is for simple club dancing, nothing major, where the main things that should really be “popping” are personality, energy, and rhythm. As I struggled to make my top look full (I guess), one of the women I used to work with, and who was part of the panel judging our “abilities,” walked in the dressing room; noticed my struggle and bluntly said, “Girl, you gotta make ’em pop if you want the job!”

No, I wasn’t shocked. She told me something I already knew, but had hoped to get away with. What I don’t understand is why women are objectifying other women. As far as I’m concerned, this business is run by women. Unless I’ve only seen the surface of it and they’re actually just marionettes. It’s in every field, apparently. Ballerinas can’t have large breasts; club dancers’ can’t have small breasts…it never ends. It’s so ridiculous and exhausting.

As much as I love this art, I would never alter my body just to fit in this artificial bullshit mainstream has created. Dancers simply want to dance and it’s a shame that they have to be put in that position, where their success depends on whether they’re small or large. Skills are not enough, it seems. We have to change that. I don’t believe a dancer’s talent, grace, passion, hard work, and ability to entertain should be overlooked because of the size of her cup. Shame on the industry for keeping this up.



  1. Right on, bold yet wounded spirit:) Defend your natural goods. And, don’t ever fake them. Although I have a hard time coping with/understanding some aspects of the dancing/theater world, I agree your boobs or other assets should not impact the roles you are taking UNLESS:
    1) Every other employee is being hired with the same assets. Some places look at body type like dress code. If a club advertises having the sexiest ladies, they don’t likely want someone flat-chested (although I am not sure you’re the flattest).
    2) In the case of face(s), it’s the feature shown or spotlighted (most) on the job. On stage, your face, posture/size and voice should be most important. So, if those don’t fit the part, you can’t play/fill it.

    I am a boob guy, but face, hair and general health matter more. The boobs are just a perk if you have them. [ha] I knew a girl in high school who was rather flat. She was otherwise gorgeous and delightful (when she didn’t come off like a rich/gold-digging snob.] I didn’t mind her being flat. She made up for it with personality, her sultry voice and twinkling eyes.

    You remind me of Eva Longoria.

    Stand up to those who WRONGFULLY set such expectations (keeping in mind the few rules of thumb I mentioned above in case there is a reason the bar is set there). And, never change your appearance to suit them. ‘Plenty of fish in the sea even if you seem stuck on a dry beach. Right?

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