Guest Post: Breasts I

This is beautiful.


Eva Schach, an art history and visual arts major at Barnard College, shares and talks about a piece from her recent art collection. 

A couple months ago, Playboy issued a college spread, featuring a very, very peripheral acquaintance of mine from high school. Knowing this individual in real life, I was struck by the plasticity and manipulation of her body in the photographs. Though most (heteronormative) porn depicts extremely manicured female bodies, I found this article most off-putting because I had some idea of what she looked like in real life.

So, I began a series in which I painted ‘real’ bodies, inspired by the bodies my close friends. I chose to crop the bodies and isolate particular areas of interest, areas most commonly highlighted by the porn industry. By removing heads, I remove the body’s identifier and to some extent the woman’s personhood, creating both a universal body and…

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  1. As a man, I find all breasts, particularly small breasts, very alluring. Large breasts are ok but not my preference. I truly enjoy a bra-less t-shirt on any woman, but mostly on small breasts. So there!

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