Dior drops model because of breast size

Now this is funny…and maybe ironic, but mostly f*cked up. Model Jourdan Dunn has apparently been canceled by Dior because of the size of her boobs being maybe two sizes too big.

She expressed her love for fashion on Twitter:

She took it lightly, better than a lot of us would have. But she’s been discriminated against for worst stuff, too:

The blunt prejudice that exists in the modeling industry is nothing new, which is why a lot of people have responded with, “well, that’s the modeling industry for you.” Uh, no — it doesn’t have to be. It is that way because we’ve allowed it, because models continue to allow it. Dior does have a history of racism and typecasting. They need to change that and adjust to the real world.

Modeling companies may sometimes ditch a model if she doesn’t have the specific “look” they’re looking for at the moment, and that can be understood. But in instances like this, when you tell a girl that she can’t represent a fashion house because of the size of her cup, then it’s not cool at all. It’s kind of ironic because in Hollywood it is the complete opposite. We small-busted women are flattered to learn that our size is appreciated by the fashion industry. But honestly, I couldn’t care less about a world where they drive girls to starvation and turn them into human hangers. I wish the size of any woman’s chest didn’t get in the way of her career all the time.

So, this is the kind of design Dunn would’ve modeled:

Dior model

Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014
(click for FB page)

Dunn was dropped because of her (bigger) cup size, though not sure why her model page reportedly says she’s a 32-A. If that’s really her size, then she might own the best wonder bra ever (I doubt she’s 32-A). Check out this snap from her Twitter pics.

Joudan Dunn

(They really need to feed the models, by the way.) Also, do they have a different measurement method in France? The boobs on the girl walking the runway at the Paris Fashion week do not look smaller or equal to 32-A at all. That’d make some of us a non-existing number!

Good for this model for at least speaking out.

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