Stereotypical Depiction of Latinas

Sofia vergaraThis is sorta unrelated, but I thought I’d post it anyway. The thing is that we are either the housekeeper, the well-behaved religious housewife, or the overly sexual bombshell with the extreme Spanish accent and the voluptuous body. Where do I (and the millions of young average-looking college students and professional Latinos) fit in?

Worst representation ever.

Those categories don’t represent us all Latinas at all. Like at all. OK, Sofía Vergara’s character in Modern Family, for instance. How can people see her as THE representation for Latinas? She’s a stay-home incredibly good-looking trophy wife! And her accent…it is so thick I’m starting to think she’s putting it on. I’m not saying there aren’t people who speak with a thick accent, but they always do this. They always make it sound like all Latinas have trouble with the language. I’m sure a lot of Latinas wouldn’t mind being thought of as Sofía Vergara, but that’s not the point.

I went out with this guy one time who understood not a word in Spanish, but insisted I said a few words because it sounded “sexy.” Ha! (I guess I could understand what he meant because I find Italian molto irresistible!) It’s just that I’m almost positive he got that from watching movies or something because he didn’t strike me as a man who was in touch with other cultures. This is the kind of picture that the media creates.

Latinas come in all shapes and colors. Many are born in the US, and therefore don’t have an accent. Or they’re mixed and light-skinned, but people can’t tell because they expect to see dark. The ones we see in movies are always brunettes and have olive or dark skin. Hollywood has programmed people’s minds so well that many believe it is the standard.

English: Christina Aguilera performing during ...Christina Aguilera, Ryan Lochte, Franklin Muñiz, Bella Thorne, and Alexis Bledel, to name a few, are all white-as-hell-looking Latinos. But, because they don’t have the fabricated “conventional look” nor do they have an accent, you won’t see them playing the role of maids or lawn mowers.

I have yet to watch a show or movie where Latinas hold decent, high-paying professional positions in society, just like A LOT OF US DO in real life, and they don’t have to put on an accent to emphasize that they are Latina. It’s pathetic.

Do some travel, people. Engage more with diverse groups and read books so you can grow your mind. Hollywood movies and TV shows can obviously be a really bad source of education.

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