We Need More Condom Ads

With all the idiocy going on lately about women and abortion—how politicians and everyone else (especially those without a vagina) want to tell us what to do with our bodies—I was thinking, why are all the responsibilities pushed on women? It takes two to make a baby!

This thought came from watching a condom commercial on TV today. They’re so rare. Why aren’t there more commercials about wearing protection? The more we make the younger generation (and people in general) aware of the available methods of protection, the less we’ll have to deal with the twisted abortion subject. And by the way, I’m pro-choice all the way.

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It sounds as if people have forgotten how a baby is made. They all talk about the pill, the pill, the pill…but what about men?! They all seem to be making women the only responsible party in procreation. I’m sure women don’t wake up one day feeling like getting pregnant only to end up aborting it. Accidents happen. Whatever the reason for an abortion, a man should also be held responsible for the act because he knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to put his penis in that woman’s vagina. (This sounds like elementary sex education, but I guess this is how you’re supposed to teach those with elementary knowledge.)

I just think that this society has gotten out of control and has gotten it all wrong. Cable TV channels, like MTV, are too busy teaching their young viewers how to get f***** up and knocked up at 16. Then what do we get? An entire lost generation with no sense of responsibility.

A lot of celebrities say that they shouldn’t be held responsible for others’ kids’ behavior. That’s true. But what they forget is that—and let me quote Spiderman’s grandfather—with great power comes great responsibility. Public figures know everyone is watching their every move. Many people want to be like them. Teenagers want to be like them. So, since kids want to do what they do, I think they should try—or start?—promoting safe sex a little bit harder.

Ads that promote protection and birth control methods should be aired more frequently instead of putting all the pressure on women. America needs to start accepting it, too. I was reading one day that some condom ads had been banned in the U.S. Meanwhile, Jersey Shore and “16 & Pregnant” are still being broadcasted. Disturbing. I don’t think sex education encourages sex at all; it saves everyone the headaches! And, perhaps, even stop politicians from trying to decide for us.


  1. Miss Marcia, good points. Wonder why it is that we seem about saturated with ads for Viagra or Cialis but not so much about birth control. It never ceases to amaze me how people will go at it like crazed weasels with no protection at all and then act all surprised when a pregnancy occurs.

    As to “why are all the responsibilities pushed onto women?” – I agree, it takes two to make a baby and men SHOULD be more responsible, but hell if I will trust my partner with my reproduction. I’m the one who could get pregnant. On the other hand, if I were a man I would take steps as well, so as not to be one of those tricked into becoming a surprise dad… and a source of child support for the next 18 years. Just common sense, people!

    1. “…if I will trust my partner with my reproduction.” haha — you’re absolutely right about that!Thanks.
      I wish the stereotypes were removed from our society and little boys were taught differently from an early age. It’s OK to dream of a perfect world. 😛

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