Just because we have smaller breasts doesn’t mean we are less desirable

I have always loved to dance and there was a time in my life where I was an active casting calls-seeker (I’m still waiting to land that life-changing dancing gig anyway). So, one day I had the brilliant idea of creating a Youtube channel where I could upload dancing videos of myself to send to auditions. One of the videos, most people seem to like a lot. But, because I’m thin all around, it is also that video that some people have used to ridicule girls with a thin frame and a relatively flat chest.

I’ll tell you what; if someone had made those cruel comments about me ten years earlier, I would have been probably crushed. Truth is these things don’t affect me anymore. I have matured and I am in a different place now. And I wish I could make other girls—who feel pressured by society—understand that it is okay. It doesn’t happen overnight, but one day you wake up realizing that there are truly more important things in life to wish for. I hope that day comes sooner than later for you.

A lot of girls think that the larger their breasts, the more the guys are going to like them. To me, men are just big talkers (perhaps also feeling the pressure by their peers), but they might not care as much as you think. Some of the biggest-breasted girls I know have had problems keeping a man. They wonder what could have possibly gone wrong after a long month of passion. Well, if I didn’t know these girls and men well enough, I would say it just didn’t work out. But, as pathetic as it sounds, some guys just want to have “a feel” of them, not necessarily caring for the girl. For the record, I have PLENTY of male friends, so that gives me a good insight into a man’s (disturbing) mind. 🙂

So, flat-chested señoritas, aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with one more problem in life, of not knowing if a man is after you…or your girls? I really hope men isn’t your main concern, but you get the point.

Most of my girlfriends are large-breasted and they don’t even like their breasts. We always laugh at it because it is so imbalanced. They’re super big and I’m super small. Ultimately, they have the biggest problems. The weight from their breasts gives them backache, indentation on their shoulders, they can’t always wear the cute strapless tops I’m able to wear, their breasts will most likely sag, and a lot more headaches I don’t want to get into. It is tough being large up there! We, the small-busted population, on the other hand, might not realize just how lucky we are.


    1. LOL. I can totally see that argument being true, especially because of how judgmental our society tends to be. Large-breasted women would tell me they don’t need my sympathy, but it’s true; big cleavages seem to attract the wrong kind of attention and it’d suck to be in their position (unless they like it that way).

      1. We’re all caught in the same trap. I don’t believe it’s much different for men and women. We have a genetic predisposition to procreate and so to appear attractive to a prospective mate. All very simple, you might think! Then society steps in and seeks to control those simple desires. The messages are confused and inconsistent.
        Remember, love isn’t an accident, it’s a genetic necessity. Because babies, gestating and nursing women are incredibly vulnerable, couples need to bond. The human race would not exist if this were not so.

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