The Raw Reality

You know, sometimes we forget just how lucky we are. We complain about our mosquito bites far too much. We wish we had bigger boobs, implants, or something. Well, guess what? Some women don’t even have a choice (like breast cancer victims). And, by the way, looks like being bustier is not too advantageous when it comes to breast cancer.

Victims can choose to have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, but it is still a risky business and not suited for everyone. Most importantly, cancer victims wish they still had their own breasts back. But they can’t. We, on the other hand, big or small, DO HAVE our own pair and completely take them for granted. Be proud!

Click on the link below to see the inspiring (bit disturbing) pictures of these brave women. Let us celebrate our bodies! I wish breast cancer victims the best and I hope they find the cure for cancer SOON. ❤

Brave young breast cancer victims bear their scars in ‘Beautifully disturbing’ series of photos

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