The Body Love “Code”: Why I Flat Out Refuse To Body Bash


There’s a reason I heart her so much.

Erin from Fit Mama Training (you may be familiar. I share her stuff a lot, and I think she’s the bees knees) posted another faboosh piece on body love, acceptance and diversity. When it comes to loving ourselves and raising ourselves up, we NEED to stop bashing each other and we need to expand our own definitions of beauty.

I’m a girl with muscles. I’m not in competitor shape (that’s not my goal… at the moment), I don’t have bulging biceps or hammies that split into 3 or 4 sections, but I do have muscle. And it looks GOOOOD on me. And it feels GOOOOD to have. I worked for it and I work it. Damn proud.

But there are some people who aren’t down with my body type. In some cases, women have decided (or been convinced) that having muscle is a bad thing. An undesirable trait. A unfeminine characteristic.

That’s complete and utter bullshit.

What you like is what you like: I’m in no position to tell you what your attractive is. But I am here to tell you that there is no right way to have a body. That there are thousands of body types out there, all of which deserve representation, all of which are beautiful, and all of which are real, hot and worthy of the spotlight. I’m here to tell you that curves are sexy, but you can be sexy without them too. I’m here to tell you that muscles ARE feminine, and having them is awesome, but if you don’t have muscles, that’s okay too. There’s no right way to have a body. And nothing makes me angrier than women telling other women how they should be.

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