Why Women Hate Sex

The other day I was thinking, why do some men take women against their will? Why do they want to rape women? Aren’t their mothers a woman? It makes me so sad to think about it; the way our society has reached this point. I watch a lot of Forensic Files and the related, and every time they show a case of rape, I cringe. The details are sickening. The details sometimes tell you that the rapist had been watching too many adult films. And then you wonder why some women hate you, men. Then you wonder why your woman doesn’t want to have sex with you.

I came across a comment online about this same subject. The author of the comment is unknown to me, but this is so well said that I must repost it:

Let me tell you why intelligent, beautiful, independent women with high self-esteem do not want sex. It is because of all the degrading and humiliating images of women that the porn industry created and infiltrated in the mainstream. A lot of us are sick of it. Most men look at all that distorted crap, it becomes in them and they expect their partner to act like that. This isn’t right, for the woman to always get the short end of the straw. Men want to humiliate us so they can get their own sexual gratification. Men nowadays have an unrealistic set of expectations about how sex should be like, good old fashion sex, just doesn’t please them anymore. Because men perverted sex in sickly ways to satisfy only themselves, guess what, some women just don’t want it anymore. It is your doing. Men would feel the same if most images perpetuated in a society about sex would promote them in a humiliating light. If you men want to spark back in us the desire for sex, then it’s time for you to kneel open your mouths and get to action, without whining. It’s your turn to be the pleasers.

I one-hundred percent agree. The p*rn industry is poison to our society, too. And women who get in this disgusting business, knowing the ways in which they’re being degraded, have no respect for themselves and their own kind.

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